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This part of the site is presently under construction (23/Aug/2019) as I am weaving all these threads together.

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A dollar donated equals the ad revenue gained from forty-five to fifty thousand page views. This site uses no ads. Small shows of support means much. Thank you.


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Patreon a viable option as well. It is set up so that pledges are collected only when I validate projects. In essence, if I don’t work, I don’t eat.

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          My campaigning over the years has led me to open up avenues wherever people are, and now I have this Donation Hub. My site is free and open to everyone, without ads, and I am going to keep it that way. That said, my preferred method is still Patreon. Not only can I easily support other creators that use the service, but it also provides a fail safe in the event I do not write. On that site I have set it up so that I must validate posts month-to-month to earn my pledges. I feel that it keeps me honest.

          In the vein of honesty, I do not want to work online for the sake of advertising dollars. I am not a big fan of advertisements. Never have been. Even so, that is where much of the money flows from in the digital sphere. I gave it a shot myself on this very site. I wanted to see what the returns would be, or perhaps how much my creative and moral soul were worth. This happened to precede an impromptu 18-month hiatus. Half a year before my full return I looked in to see how the monetization was running. In this time my site drew about 4,300 visitors, which I was gobsmacked by. I felt that was pretty decent for having added nothing new. The amount of revenue this had garnered me was nine cents. I extrapolated and came up with needing between 45,000 to 50,000 visitors to all posts and pages to accrue a dollar from ad revenue. In most cases of online currency generation there is a threshold you must reach before a payout will be issued. Nine cents is not it.

          I enjoy writing. Not to be trite, but not only is it cathartic and thereputic, but I thoroughly enjoy the process. Sitting down with my thoughts and chaining them together cohesively enough to relay helps when the topic is one I need to debate. During those times when I just feel the need to rant, having a public corner of my own feels great. During my most recent working drought, the times in which I awoke and did nothing but write all day filled me with joy. If my writing winds up being successful enough to be a career, that is well by me. If the odd donation here or there builds up to afford me a nicety, that won’t be refused.

          Each article is work. Sometimes this is hours, days, weeks or more of research. In others this is picking out the experiences of my life which resonate with a topic. Both of these processes take time, aside from what I have invested to get to this point. I write for my own pleasure, but to quote a friend “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.” And so, I ask you to give whatever you are inclined to. At the very least, your reading is time spent, and I hope you find it well worth the exchange.