Patron’s Parlor

I wholly appreciate the support of my Patrons. I am an exceedingly prideful being and I do not like unveiling a less-than-perfect work. However, I have learned that those that support me often want to know what I am thinking. I occasionally come up with a new idea, so I will flesh them out here. As they become more substantial I may try to make something worthy out of them. Until then, eligible Patrons are free to read these works and help me develop the ideas.

Game Draft #1 – A video game was once made from a recognizable licensed property. It was terrible. Can I make it better?

Unfinished Work #1 – Life is stranger than fiction. I reflected on recent events before they were set while an air of lightness could be seen. See my ramblings here.

Honest Draft #1 – While I did post the honed article, take a look at it in the raw here.

Real Work #1 – In what may be the dawn of a new era, check out what I offered for a potential magazine start-up.

Real Work #2 – Part Two of the work submitted for magazine approval.

Honest Draft #2 – In an effort to write on one subject I kept falling down the rabbit hole. See the very lengthy set of notes here.